Minnesota NeuroSpin Initiative Workshop

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Note: Registration is no longer available for this event. See the Event Wrap-up

Understanding the brain and curing disease using spintronic and micromagnetic devices

The Minnesota NeuroSpin Initiative Workshop aims to bring together neurologists, neuroscientists, and engineers on solving medical challenges, advancing the knowledge of neuron cells and their networks, discovering novel approaches for neuromorphic computing and memory using micromagnetic and spintronic innovations.

Workshop Details

Workshop Co-Chairs

  • Prof. Jian-Ping Wang, University of Minnesota
  • Prof. Kendall Lee, MD, Mayo Clinic

Date and Time

  • December 7, 2021
  • 1:30-6:30 CT

This is a hybrid event with options to attend in person in Minneapolis or to join virtually via zoom. 

  • Beacon Room, University Recreation and Wellness Center
    123 SE Harvard St, Minneapolis, MN 55455
  • Zoom Link will be provided after registration

Workshop Agenda

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Introduction and Welcome -- 1:30-1:45pm


  • Professor Amy Kircher, Co-Director SPARC    
  • Professor Mos Kaveh, Dean of College of Science and Engineering  
  • Professor Jakub Tolar, Dean of Medical School
  • Professor Stephen Ekker, Dean of Graduate School-Mayo Clinic

Neural Stimulation and Sensing by Micro-Magnetic and Spintronic Devices -- 1:45-3:45pm



  • Micromagnetic and Spintronics Stimulation and Sensing for Neuromodulation: perspectives of technology development
    • Professor Jian-Ping Wang, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Minnesota


  • Microscopic Magnetic Stimulation of the Vagus Nerve
    • Professor Giorgio Bonmassar, AA. Martinos Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School


  • Neural Inhibition with a Miniature Magnetic Coil
    • Professor Hui Ye, Loyola University Chicago


  • Thermal Effects from Magnetic Neuronal Stimulation
    • Professor Steven Schiff, Professor of Engineering, Center for Neural Engineering,  Pennsylvania State University


  • MagPen: The Micromagnetic Prototype To Study Hippocampal CA3-CA1 Pathway (in vitro) & Track Dopamine Release (in vivo)  
    • Ms. Renata Saha, PhD candidate, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Minnesota


  • Micro-coil-based Activation of CNS
    • Professor Shelley Fried, Department of Neurosurgery, Harvard Medical School

Coffee Break -- 3:45-3:50pm

Smart Deep Brain Stimulation and Neuromodulation -- 3:50-4:55pm


  • Next Generation Smart DBS and Neuromodulation                
    • Dr. Hojin Shin, Mayo Clinic 


  • Cocaine-Induced Dopamine Changes in Nucleus Accumbens
    • Dr. Jason Yuen, Mayo Clinic

4:35- 4:55pm

  • Neuromodulation of Dopamine and Norepinephrine in the Hippocampus as a Potential Therapeutic Approach to Improve Memory
    • Dr. Abhinav Goyal, Mayo Clinic 

Unaddressed Medical Demands and Applications of New Technologies -- 5:00-5:40pm


  • Integrated Methods for Mapping Neuronal Chemical Communication In Vivo
    • Professor Michael Heien, University of Arizona 


  • The Rapidly Emerging Field of Electroceuticals for Device-based Treatment of Chronic Cardiometabolic Diseases
    • Professor John Osborn, Professor of Surgery, Medical School, University of Minnesota

Technology and Medical Panel Discussions -- 5:40-6:20pm


  • Technology Panel Discussion
    • Lead by Profs. Tay Netoff and Yoonbae Oh   
    • Panelists: Tay Netoff, Yoonbae Oh, Hui Ye, Jian-Ping Wang, Matt Johnson


  • Medical Panel Discussion
    • Lead by Profs. Kendall Lee and Walter Low     
    • Panelists: Kendall Lee, Walter Low, John Osborne, Michael Heien, Shelly Fried 

Closing Remarks -- 6:20-6:30pm

  • Professor John Bischof, Professor and Director, Institute for Engineering and Medicine