Inaugural Minnesota NeuroSpin Initiative Brings Together a Unique Group of Engineering and Medical Experts

Audience watching presentations at NeuroSpin Workshop.

On Tuesday, December 7th a diverse group of neurologists, neuroscientists, and engineers came together for the inaugural Minnesota NeuroSpin Initiative Workshop. While many participated in the festivities and presentations remotely, several were able to get together in Minneapolis to collaborate and share their work.

The goal of the Workshop was simple, by bringing together great minds in the engineering world with great minds in the medical world we bring ourselves closer to solving medical challenges, advancing the knowledge of neuron cells and their networks, discovering novel approaches for neuromorphic computing and memory using micromagnetic and spintronic innovations.

Presentations included UMN experts from both the College of Science and Engineering and the Medical School as well as a team from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. Special guests from Harvard University and Harvard Medical School, the University of Arizona, and Loyola University Chicago. 

A warm thank you to all of our speakers and attendees. We couldn’t have done it without you!

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Professor Mos Kaveh, Dean College of Science and Engineering, welcomes everyone to the event.
Presentation on screen.
In person attendees for the workshop.
Dr. Kendall Lee, Mayo Clinic, describing the value of his partnership with Professor Wang and his team.
John Bishop, Micheal Lotti, John Osborn enjoying a chat during a brief  break.
Michael Heien, University of Arizona presenting.
Team from the Mayo Clinic watching final presentations.
John Osborn presenting on the The Rapidly Emerging Field of Electroceuticals for Device-based Treatment of Chronic Cardiometabolic Diseases.
Professors Michael Heien, John Osborn and Walter Low answer questions from the crowd.
from left to right, Dr Kendall Lee, Mx Bailey Winter, Dr Yoonbae Oh, Dr Michael Heien, Mr Abhinav Goyal, Dr Jason Yuen, Dr Kevin Bennet.